3M Products from The Jayson Co.

Jayson and 3M, a Quality Relationship

3M Water Softeners & Water Filtration Union, NJ | The Jayson Company - 3mwts_facing_p_2The Jayson Company is the only 3M Authorized Water Dealer in Central and Northern New Jersey. We have partnered with 3m because they provide some of the best quality products in the industry. Your 3M water softener or drinking water filtration system will provide many years of water quality enjoyment.

We work with 3M products because they are the perfect match for our long history of quality service and customer care. 3M Clean Water Solutions, a division of 3M Purification Inc., are committed to providing superior products and technology. The Jayson Company has been known for quality and performance for more than 75 years and the 3M brand has over 100 years behind their name. Together, we are your trusted advocates for clean water solutions in New Jersey.

Water Softeners:

3M Water Softeners treat water as it enters your home, minimizing the effects of hard water. Benefits include brighter clothing, cleaner dishes, less detergent consumption and less water usage. A 3M water softening system helps protect your entire plumbing system. Softening systems include a state-of-the-art valve that allows monitoring and control for every function and cycle. 3M Water Softeners reduce water usage by metering use and regenerating only when necessary. The multi-level salt support traps dirt (sediment) and debris away from the salt tank draw area, enabling the use of popular types of water treatment salt reducing maintenance.

Whole House Water Filtration & Drinking Systems:

3M's whole house water filtration systems, commonly referred to as point of entry systems, are installed where water enters your home. Once in place, these systems filter all the water in your home. We install systems specially designed for both private wells and city water. Large capacity systems reduce sediment to help provide cleaner, clearer water by filtering sediment from the water used throughout your entire home.

We install 3M's trusted drinking water systems under your sink to deliver better tasting water straight from your tap. Now you can enjoy cleaner, clearer water on demand for drinking (water, coffee, baby formula), cooking and cleaning. We can help you choose the right drinking water system to address your water quality concerns.

3M's “point-of-use” drinking water systems are installed under your sink to deliver better tasting water straight from your tap, without filtering water used for other purposes. Now you can enjoy cleaner, clearer water on demand for drinking (water, coffee, baby formula) and cooking.

We can help you choose the right water treatment system to address any of your water quality concerns. Give us a call today or fill out the contact form to the right to get started.

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